Drummers Arise

No Way Jose

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I like Airbourne.


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that is cool!!! I am not - or maybe I am not officially identified - but I absolutely get the idea of being able to identify non visual sensory reactions to colors. I have always done that. Certain smells are yellow, or red, or blue. Textures can feel grey, red, blue etc...

Messiean's music is definitely "headphones" music for me. I have to get lost in it...it can't be on as background music
That is a form of synaesthesia. Stimulating one sense with another.

Headphones music, absolutely. My late Grandmother had the Steven Osborne version of Vingt Regards in her CD collection, I've since taken it into my possession and it's brilliant. I can hear the little nuances of the instrument too, like the dampers on the strings and other small mechanical noises. It's transcendental. This might supplant the Peter Hill version after ten years. I think I own five different versions...


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I like all really good music but I don’t like to much bad music- though exceptions like I like the Stones so the rule isn’t written in stone. Lol Actually I've been in a fusion of jazz, funk, latin, mixes-like Bad Kids to the Back by Snarky Puppy-it's a jazzy funky mix with some gospel chops but it swings like a MFer too. I really like the complexity of latin music too-can be like a Matryoshka doll with rhythms within rhythms. Cool stuff.
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