Drummergirl G at NAMM!


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I had the pleasure of meeting Drummergirl G today when she was performing at NAMM.

First, Gina is a sweetheart, and her dad was there helping with gear and shooting photos and videos of the performance.

Second, Gina is really good! And I won't qualify that with "... for a 15 year old." She is simply really good! Great time, and great playing with the right parts and appropriate fills. She slams, but she uses dynamics well, with a very smooth technique around the kit. I do need to cite her age when I say that she's seasoned well beyond her years. I couldn't have done any better on that gig, and she added the kind of fresh flair that I think I've forgotten along the way.

BTW, it's also worth mentioning that the girl she was playing with, Delphi Freeman, sang and played great! She made a point of saying she's 16, but again, there was no need to qualify her talent by pointing out her age. She was really good and she and the band write some very good songs. Watching them with Gina was a real treat, I ended up staying longer than planned and caught 7 songs or so.

Excellent playing Gina, you have a bright future ahead!




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This is fabulous to hear Jon. I've followed Gina's progress via this forum, & her attitude has always been grounded with a very attractive degree of humility. I've also really liked her playing on clips she's posted (her latest groove example video especially), so I'm not in the least surprised to hear of her musicality & performance values in a live band situation.

Way to go Gina!!!!!


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Awesome! This is fun to hear about.

(And I agree about Gina Schock. Hard not to love a drummer who goes on tour after open-heart surgery!)


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Excellent!!! Go Gina go. I'll probably never even go to a NAMM event, let alone play at one. So cool.


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You are amazing and humble. Your phone will be ringing off the hook with tours, studio gigs etc etc etc.Much happiness to you and yours !



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I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you" to Bermuda for taking the time out of his schedule to say Hi to me at the NAMM Show as well as taking pictures and actually hanging out to hear some of our set! I know you had your own things to do but wanted you to know that it meant a lot to me!

Thank you all for your kind words and Bermuda's really nice write-up on our performance! Our flight was messed up and we literally had one quick rehearsal the night before going on! My monitor on the stage was not very loud and I couldn't hear really well. Not to mention the plastic shield really kept me from hearing but, I'm glad everyone thought it was okay! Quite a few people that I knew showed up to hear us. That was really cool!

We actually recorded a video for the song called "All Day". It was supposed to be our last song but, we ran out of time on stage. We recorded it the following evening at Soultone Cymbals. I should have that video posted maybe next week?....So, you'll get to hear something that we didn't play at the NAMM Show! :)

I hope everyone keeps in touch and hope to see you all, one day soon!