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So I am not sure what I am looking for here.

BASIC NEED: A metronome that I can plug some headphones into and hear the clicking in my ear. I've never used one before so I am sure it will be a learning curve. I'm not sure what sort of control I would have but setting a suitable BMP would be a start.


> Would love to be able to "store" different speeds
> It would be great to have some sort of input so it can be a fully fledged feedback system that I can hear 3/4 instruments.

I'm not sure of the options or costs as I don't want to spend loads but are there any pointers or things I should look at?

I know I could get a metronome app on my phone, but that would be a last resort, plus having a Windows Phone means app availability is somewhat rarer than Android or iOS.

I found this: http://blog.loopcommunity.com/2013/05/simple-in-ear-monitor-setup-for-drummer/ which is sort of what I am looking for but have no idea on the kit I would need to make it (IE the mixer and any cables?).

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Just get a metronome app on your phone. I use Metronome Pro. What you should be doing is training your brain to lock into a flashing light. That's the way to really get good with it...but learn it both ways, auditory and visual.

The metronome app will work fine.


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I second the metronome app. I use the free version of MetroTimer. BRD's app is probably much nicer. I'm sorry about the Windows Phone thing. The MS software ecosystem is horrible. I would highly recommend evaluating Apple's offerings next time you're due for an upgrade.


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I second the app solution. There's really no need to buy a metronome these days. So many free apps and programs you get get to do that for you.