Drummer Learns Bass - a lockdown identity crisis ;)


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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing ok with the current circumstances around the world. I've been finding it a bit harder to practice drums recently with pretty much all gigs for the foreseeable future being cancelled. Last June I was given a Fender Precision bass for a gift and started learning some covers for fun, although recently as things have become increasingly more weird I've just jumped right into learning this new instrument. So I hope it's ok to post a bass tune, this is Michael Brecker sounding incredible as a featured soloist with Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band. It took a lot of time to learn but it's nice to have little things to focus on just now. I have started a playlist to show my progress from last year, learning some pop tunes and some jazzier tunes Drummer Learns Bass youtube playlist

On the drums front, below is a drum video below of my big band playing a Mike Tomaro arrangement of Blackbird by the Beatles, it's a remote recording - fun but isn't the same as all playing together in person.



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I've been following your progress on bass from the start, & of course, your drumming adventures too. You continue to inspire, & your progress on bass is a real joy to see :)
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