Drummer Jeff Tripoli making waves in drumming and podcast communities


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Jeff Tripoli, alias "Trip" (born in Syracuse, New York, USA). American musician and famed drummer of The Town Pants.

And now, also music director to the Vancouver, BC based 3 Guys With Small Mics Podcast. In this episode Tripoli affords a conversation about
The Town Pants, drumming, BMX bikes, stand up comedy in the Philippines, The Great Blue Heron Music Festival, people he loves and a quick shout out to his followers in Upstate New York. www.spreaker.com/episode/38839366

Tripoli is a veteran of the Upstate New York music scene. Before his ultimate recruitment to tour and record with The Town Pants in 2016, Tripoli performed with numerous groups throughout his extensive career. Endowed with roughly 20 years experience spanning musical genres like Americana, Jamband, Rock, Funk, R&B and Zydeco.

In 2018, Tripoli recorded "Something To Say" with The Town Pants and was able to take part in the creation of the album from start to finish. "Something To Say" is high energy and takes you on a musical journey. The delicate orchestrations pull at your heart strings with introspective lyrics relatable to many people you might find making use of The Town Pants music to balance the heavy weight of life. This album is truly beautiful and deserves to be on a soundtrack or closing credits of an epic film.

"Jeff Tripoli exemplifies what really can be achieved when one desires success. Our ideas came to quick fruition with his expertise and our theme song rocks so hard, it hurts." John Bonnes - 3 Guys With Small Mics Podcast

The Town Pants "Monkey Run" from "Something To Say"