Drummer fails then recovers.


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Doesn't leave a bad impression - and good hands, yeah!

PS: You - or the person who's drumming in that video - handled the situation much more professionally than Mike Portnoy recently, haha. Correct the situation - takes a few seconds - and carry on, that's all ;-)

Formless Method

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Yeah it was me. I figured I would post it to show that it can all come crashing down quick so BE PREPARED, hence my extra sticks lol. have any of you had something like this happen?

Arky I noticed your post on speeed, heres a short clip of me doing blast beats single strokes at 1000 bpm and then doing a build up to 1000 bpm. Most only practice blast beat style but never focus on the build up style which helps a lot with control, endurace and power along with speed aspect. note-my 3 year old son got pretty excited in this clip :)


thank you for the compliments on how i handled the blooper lol. No matter what the show must go on :)

Anthony Amodeo

this guy should have threw over his crash cymbal, punched the guitar on the wall behind him , than got on the mic to sing a little silly song about how his drum sticks are to blame

thats what pros do.....right ?


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If that has NOT happened to everybody else that plays drums at those velocities I might have to question their honesty.

Nice recovery.