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Tony Allen An Autobiography of theMaster Drummer of Afrobeat (2013)

Every musician has obstacles, but it’s a pretty small group that can relate to what Tony Allen endured. Allen takes a very conversational tone in his memoir as he details a complex relationship with Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti and the constant struggles to get his own musical career happening amidst political corruption and civil war in his native Nigeria. Even after relocating to France in the ’80s, Allen describes being held back by a heroin addiction and subpar solo records. Redemption comes later in life as the drummer is embraced by musicians like Flea and Blur’s Damon Albarn. shareit https://get-vidmateapk.com
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Kenny's book, as well as Roadshow by Neil Peart. His way of telling his concert experiences in a travel log format is very entertaining.
Can't say I was overjoyed reading Carmine Appice's autobiography, what , with all constant references to his sexual conquests and proclivity for wearing women's underwear, among other garbage. I do highly recommend "Mel Torme's Traps the Boy Wonder" which is about Buddy Rich. The aforementioned autobiography by Mick Fleetwood was very interesting, along with ,Danny Seraphine's "Street Player " being a fun read. I also have read "Moon, life of a Rock Legend". Parts of it were interesting, with others being a bit overly drawn out.