Drummer at the right gig?


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I thought that was pretty cool

and i thought the drummer at the wrong gig thing was cool also. keeping time, playing what their supposed to be playing (easy songs) and adding some visual fun to it.

nothing wrong with stick tricks we're always in the back of the stage .. faces hidden behind cymbals .. gotta find some way to get noticed


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Frosty, was that Iggy Jones or was he before your time? Those Jimmy and the Boys gigs were insane ... he's now a refined guy who describes his time with the band as "an aberration" but he was wild on stage.

I'll never forget seeing the band covering Zappa's I'm the Slime and during the solo he smashed a watermelon on his head. As the goo slid down his face and body, it set off his sinuses and a long gooby of snot started running out of his nose - man, that was expressionist art! lol

Many people just love to see others doing crazy things that they'd never dream of doing - hence Charlie Sheen getting 1 million viewers on his Twitter.
Think that was before my time. Adelaide industrial rock band, kind of like Nine Inch Nails called Bliss and Ignorance.

I have seen some very bizarre stage acts before, hell, I've seen Rammstien, that is all theatrics. Theatrics are great for entertainment sake, they make certain bands worth seeing live, even if you wouldn't normally listen to them recorded.