"Drummer" A Minimal Drum Machine for iPhone

Scott K Fish

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Drummer is a beautiful, minimal drum machine for iPhone
By Ellis Hamburger on November 3, 2014 10:00 am Email @hamburger

The free app launches today.

[Y]ou don’t need to understand bars to understand Drummer. Tap play, tap some circles, and listen. Then tap some more circles, or swipe downward on a column to generate an easy downbeat. You can swipe between different drum instruments, create a few more drum tracks, and alter beats-per-minute. Before you know it, you’re jamming.

...a new generation of music applications that anybody can use — a new generation of apps that make producing music as fun as shooting an Instagram photo.

"You shouldn't have to start with theory. You should start with the sound, and you should start with how it feels," says D'Silva.*


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You had me at "Free", Scott!

I just downloaded it and took all of 10 seconds to get something going on it. Very fun little app!

BTW, I know this is the wrong thread for this, but I always looked forward to getting MD every month back in the early '80s. You guys really did your homework. Your interviews, as well as those of Robyn Flans were insightful and got to the essence of greatest drummers. There really wasn't anything else out there that was comparable and I would have eagerly read some shallow article just to get a glimpse of what made these players tick. But you brought so much more out of them and I thank you for that.