Drumkit in a theater pit


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These photos are long overdue...

...they show the drumkit that I used for my high school's musical this year (performed in July) in a theater pit (where the band sits)...

The drums, cowbell, china cymbal and hardware are mine while the rest of the cymbals (crash, hats and ride) are borrowed from the drumkit at my school's music room.

Drums are Tama Superstar (22" kick; 14" snare; 10" & 14" toms).
China is a Zildjian 18" "Trash" China.
Cowbell is LP Rock Ridge Rider.
The rest of the cymbals are Sabian XS (14" hats, 16" crash, 20" ride)

I used a small setup (did not bring all the parts of my kit) and borrowed the school's cymbals because mine sound terrible.

Photos taken with iPod Touch.



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Playing in the pit for a musical is a blast. Might be the best gig I ever had. I did it in college where I got paid and had catered chow before and after every show (I think 6 shows). Pretty awesome.