Drumeo's "Best Beginner Drum Book"


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I like that he claims to have trademarked the phrases "drummer's buying guide" and "musical drummer" and "note values made easy" and some other ordinary phrases. Looking at the video ad I see he still does the stupid thing of using the whole width of the page to write a single measure of 4/4, like that makes it easier. I don't see anything to indicate this is any better than any of his other materials.


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I haven't checked it out, but I'm always on the lookout for new drum books that are quality. I agree with you that "The Mini-Monster Book" by Rothman is a good one for beginners. I also like "Syncopation" for many many reasons, one of which is that it is a good beginning reading book...
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I don't give just individual lessons, it's in a school where it's practical to have some shared methodology.

This said, apart from beginning reading/snare books, I mostly write stuff myself accompanied by a page here and there by someone else.

I obviously hoard all sorts of books just for inspiration though taking it easy right now as I have to save for some gear.

Honestly not been much of a fan of the Drumeo books I've seen.