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I wouldn't argue with you. I can only tell you my good experience. I use DD and my drum sounds great. Your experience does not nullify mine.
I think there's some misunderstanding in what the advocates of ear tuning are saying. We're not saying that you can't get a good sounding drum, we're saying that the Drum Dial is not accurate enough to ensure the same pitch at each tuning rod. An equal pitch at each tuning rod is what most of us would consider a "tuned drum."

A drum can still sound good even if you don't have an equal pitch around the drum. In fact, there are plenty of drummers who intentionally detune one or more lugs because they prefer that sound and feel over a perfectly pitched drum. Because of the complex relationships between batter head, reso head, shell construction, hardware, and pitch at each individual tuning rod, there's a lot of room for personal taste, and nuance in drum tuning.

Still, many prefer accurate and repeatable results- especially if they're paying for them. I just don't think the Drum Dial provides this.

You should be able to record a drum, completely detune and re-tune both heads, record it again, and the before and after sounds should be identical.

Duck Tape

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My tuning ability is okay, and the first thing I did was check my current tuning. I found the numbers to be pretty close, maybe a range of ~2 with the odd stray. I don't know why our experiences are different Tard but when the numbers are even the pitch is fairly dead on, except with my 20" kick with its bearing edge damaged.

When I find a loose tension rod and the DD reads an even or higher number I tighten that lug enough that it will hold and adjust its neighbours. I tune pretty low on all of my drums so i dont mind a little higher if it means the rods will all stay put.

If I see a low number I don't try and crank it to hit the right number.. This thing has taught me how the neighboring lugs play a big part (more than I used to think) and so I go around the drum making minor adjustments. This gets me a drum with fairly even tensioned rods and pitch. If I want to lower it from there I just do a 1/4 turn on each lug and it's still perfect.

I kinda want a whole set of tightscrews now actually but my point is that I think I found the solution to my problem in my first post, and the DD has really helped me in the 3 days I've had it, my drums are sounding better and I think I understand more about tuning.