Drum wrap


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Does anyone know where i can get some of the solid metallic wrap found on the some of the budget sets out there?I've checked all the major suppliers(precision drum,jammin sam,etc)And noone has it!


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Buy sheets from Canal Plastics and cut it yourself. It's easy and they are cheap.

They are in NYC and English is NOT their first language and customer service isn't good, but they'll have it and it will be cheap.


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just search on google, there are places that sell wraps. I've seen them on ebay also. Kinda pricey though imho. Are you trying to refinish your set? If you don't mind a little labor, I've done this on two kits. Remove the wraps and then give the shells a sand. Then either stain the wood or just cover with a clear polyurethane to give you a natural finish. Makes a cheap set look not so cheap after.