Drum Wrap Removal


Hello all,

I have a Pearl Session Maple kit.
It has a Blue Marina Fade wrap on it.
I want to remove it this summer when I have time.
I've been told to not do it, if you don't know what you're doing.
That would be me, lol.

I want to remove the wrap and leave it in its natural shell & evenly spray some polyurethane or some other type of protective finish that is not shiny. I have a Yamaha Steve Jordan snare and I want it to look something like that, where the finish isn't "glossy".

Any suggestions, proper techniques, experiences?

Jorge Rodriguez


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You may find the shell doesn't look so hot. They use the best-looking veneers for the varnished shells, and veneers that are still good but don't look as well may get wrapped.

If you want a varnished wood look, then I'd suggest getting a new veneer and wrapping the shell with it, after you have removed the old wrap and prepared the shell.


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For me, the determining factor on 'to do it - or not', is the amount of glue that was used on the wrap.

I did a set recently that was completely glued on - meant to be permanent. It was extremely difficult to get off. On one drum, the wrap chipped off in little pieces with a screwdriver and pliers and took a full day to do. The amount of sanding required to get off the remaining glue was ridiculous, and in the end, took off the top ply.
I'll never do a fully glued set again.

Drums that are glued only at the seam, take almost nothing to do in comparison. Remove the hardware, break the seal on the glue, and the wrap comes right off. A piece of cake.

Like DMC says, there's no telling what it'll look like underneath until you get the wrap off either.