Drum Tuning Workshop, Tonight, NYC


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It was good, aimed towards newbies like me, discussed different heads, showed how to change heads, gave a few tuning tips, I believe it will be an ongoing feature at all Guitar centre stores, part of a Music mentor series, which I hope takes off.

GC has come in for some stick recently, I hope that this type of interaction helps deflect some of this. I'm not naive enough to think this is not just another way of increasing sales, but if done right (and well) it could benefit both them, and fellow drummers.

Has anyone else attended any of these events?


Sadly, I was attending class last night so I couldn't make it. Learning to tune my kit has been one of the hardest things so far. I can tune it well enouday, got compliments when a much, much better drummer used it at a show. He asked before hand if it would be ok to retune it if he needed to and I gave him the go ahead. He ended up leaving it exactly as it was and said it sounded great. I had spent 6 hours tuning it up the prevous day so it made my day. 6 hours is my norm for getting the tunning where I want it...


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get a tunebot, that was a massive help for me. that way you can always get the head in tune with its self. then just experiment with different intervals between the heads.

tune bot has made my life so much easier.