Drum Tuning Apps?


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Does anybody have any experience with drum tuning apps, such as iDrumTune or Drumtune PRO? If so do they really work? Are they good for actually tuning a drum effectively?
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks


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I use a tune-bot and I have found it to be a useful tool. I really liked it in the studio environment where consistent tuning was imperative. I haven't used a phone based app yet, but I imagine it will work in much the same way. Drum tuning has come a long way in the last few years.


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I use Drumtune Pro. It is excellent. Make sure when tuning that you put opposite head being tuned on a carpet. There is a little bit of a learning curve in regards to overtones, where to hit to get correct frequency etc.

Use Tune-Bots PDF tuning chart for reference. I use the medium resonance as multipliers and my kit sings.

This will not teach you how to tune. It is just a tool. You still need even lug tension. If you are not familiar with tuning please check out Bob Gatzens videos on youtube. Once familiar then the app for fine tuning.


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I started out using the apps on a phone.. and just buy a tune-bot it works sooo much better. That being said... learn how to tune without that stuff. The only thing i ever use it for now is to make sure my lugs are matched...