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Yeah I have been trying 30 minutes on a drum pad with a Metronome. Take a break and then practice beats on the kit with a Metronome for another 30 minutes. 30 minutes straight with no breaks or distractions each. Not as easy as it may sound. Try it.


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I can't imagine learning technique from a book; that is what a teacher is for.
Stick Control and Ted Reed's Syncopation are two books for the desert island. I have been using both for thirty plus years. Always hearing about new application(especially on this forum).
Don't Goodwill the books, take them to your local middle or high school.
Agreed. My 2 favorite books too. Literally INFINITE POSSIBILITIES WITH THESE 2 BOOKS. i use them both myself for almost 30 yrs too, & are the 2 MUST HAVES for MY students