Drum-tech vs ICMP vs ACM


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I'm am 16 years and living in Portugal. After I finish college I have planned to go back to the UK and study drums in one of these schools... but i don't know which to "choose".

I've been playing drums for nearly 4 years and been having private lessons with one of the best in the whole of Portugal (little as it is) Marito Marques

but i am so confused not only about the schools but also the qualifications (A levels and what not)

Are the teachers good at those schools??

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I did the One Year Diploma at Drumtech a good while back. If I had my time over I'd spend the money on one-on-one lessons with a good teacher.


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Look on the webstes. They should answer all your questions. Also try to get a private lesson with some of the teachers at each of the schools.


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ACM is very flashy, the substance of what they do doesn't totally match up to the way they try and portray themselves. There are some good people there, but it's a bit hit and miss as to what you get. I didn't do drums there, I did a music production course.