drum tab

Rick Clarke

Junior Member
Hi everyone. I am new to this site and have been learning the drums now for a few months. How can i get the drum tabs to free me from Uriah heap?


Not to sound crass but a google search for Uriah heep drum tabs should find them if any exist which I doubt. Sometimes the bands website or a fans dedicated site to the band will have something.

Crystal Kid

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Im about as new to drumming as you! And theres only one true piece of info i can give you, and that is to learn real music asap. When you get later down the line, actual songs are notated in magazines as Musical notes.

Ive paid for one drum lesson so far, and him pursuading me to go down that route has opend up sooo many more beats, and i couldnt ever understand tabbed music anyway, so i guess im biased


its more important to lean notation. and most songs you can learn when you listen to them a few times.. trying to place the basses and snares.. tab might help you get fills and exactly what is being played. but lot of tab is also usually done by someone in there home any ways being there interpretation. the only way to get true tab is ti buy it.. then you know its the right beat perfect notes.. but then you might as well buy the notation.

as for your song. i don't know it. but if your going to cover it just jam it and get it as good as you can :)