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Pat Petrillo

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Hi everyone,

As you may know, Drum Studio Live has launched with the Live Lesson features twice per week. Mondays is the "Intermediate" Lesson, and Thursdays are the "Advanced" Lessons, although everyone can benefit from each one. The lessons are FREE for the month of June. After that, it will be a $14.99 per month subscription. Lessons are archived, and there will be many things available to members, and non members can purchase various lesson packs as the site is populated in the months ahead.

The kickstarter was a success, and fulfillment is in the works, as I thank you all who helped make it possible.


So, if you are so inclined, stop in and watch the live lessons for Free..I think you will like the quality, camera angles, and overall production. There will also be live guests from time to time as well. You need a username and password in order to ask a live question in the chat room.

Thanks, and see you soon!


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So is tonights lesson (in 15 minutes!) free? Its not June but I think you said come see for free?

I am in if so. Curious to see what you are doing.

Pat Petrillo

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I am offering the month June free, and subscription starts in July..So yes, feel free to come anytime, you'll see what it's all about..Get a Username/Password to ask a question in the chat room..ts

Monday - "Intermediate" concepts, Thursday - "Advanced" concepts