Drum storage in garage??


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I have an early 90's rockstar DX kit that I've kept in my garage for 5 years. The temperature changes aren't too drastic as i have AC and insulation. I've been looking at buying a Tama maple kit, but want to be sure before bucking up that the drums can't be effected. The old DX's go out of tune from time to time as the AC isn't always on and the garage door stays open on occasion. Also i've heard sunlight is detrimental, would a packing blanket protect against this? I live in chicago so the weather's kind of all over the place, I'm really just concerned about the shells expanding/contracting and warping due to excess heat and cold fluctuations. Any input? Thanks :)


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As long as the temp and humidity doesn't get excessively high it will not be a problem.
Cold and dry is no problem what so ever.
I would buy bags or cases for the drums instead of using a blanket.
Direct sunlight should not be allowed to shine on the drums for extended periods.
Do not put them in front of a window that gets direct sunlight through it.


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Everything Bob said: A+++. Heat and humidity will degrade glue between the plys and warp the wood.

I'd also take the heads off too if you weren't already playing on it. Extreme temperature changes can ruin heads.