Drum sounds on new releases - yawn

hippy chip

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Everyone has their own taste, and I respect that, but if you can't reproduce your music in a live setting---without all the digital "magic"---what's the point?


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Go listen to The Family Silver - Electric Blend, now that is perfect drum sound and released last year! But yes, majority of the time the drum sound these days is pretty bleh
Yeah it's a great sounding album, especially on the drums.

Some fine sounding Radio King snare sounds in places especially.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Processing is the name of the game and that's hardly anything new. Sometimes is to enhace expression, sometimes to fit in a trend.

As for treating acoustic drums I definetly prefer the character of the instruments coming through. That goes for all instruments and I could easily say the same for guitar sounds and everything else.

Gating, compressing and pushing levels is a big part of it and it makes a lot of music not fun to listen to. Read: "The Loudness War."

It's hardly like every old album has great drum sounds either.

It's partly a question of what style of music you like.

I personally always preferred live recordings to studio recordings, for many reasons, but this is one of them.