Drum Solo on YouTube


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I'd say you have some good chops however not digging the chopped up video, for me a "solo" has to have some sense of organization a beginning, middle and end that flow and tell a story if you will. To me your solo seemed just like random ideas.


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Yeah, I would've preferred to hear a more musical context too. You've got a few tricks up your sleeve, no doubt.....but without some kind of groove to put it into context, it reminded me of a warm up routine where you're just throwing your hands around to get 'em moving. Musicality is paramount........would like to hear your approach from that angle as opposed to just tinkering around.


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Liking the opening groove very much. Agree on the broken up vibe, would be better as a complete composition. Try posting your stuff in the "your playing" section, that's where it should be. Great skills though.


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Thanks a lot, very helpful feedback. I was going for a quick vid to compete with the attention span of the average youtuber. Lacking some dynamics, no doubt.