drum solo from last year w/crazy fills, blasting, double bass etc


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I'm not sure if ive posted this before...This was all spontaneous drumming i did last year over christmas break, i know some of it is off time and theres some random changes here and there. Since then I've been working to clean up my single strokes and blast beats by trying to limit my arm movement with my left hand and instead use more wrist/finger motion. I welcome your criticism/suggestions and/or compliments. Thanks for viewing.



awesome singles dude! your name suites your style well haha :)


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haha thanks dude, i picked that name up doing thrashpunkmetal house shows around town. i've been trying to improve my singles lately, i know i need to limit the arm pumping motion with my left hand.. my stronger left hand has worse technique than my right, so i'm having to re-train my dominant hand! Its just really hard to play the exact same technique with both hands, especially when you try to apply it to riding the edge of the hihat...that changes things to some degree with the lack of rebound.

I'm working on some new videos as well, one is for George Kollias' forum, where i'm composing my own drums to his song "aeons of burning galaxies ." Watch his video if you haven't already. Also going to get some funk-rock-sludge groove footage up in the near future...stay tuned.