Drum skins

carl oegema

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Hi I am new here I am looking at getting new skins for my drums (Gretsch renown maple ) and I don’t know if I should get coated or clear
If you could recommend anything that would be great.


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There are a lot of discussions here about drumheads...

For me, it depends on the style of music. For a traditional sound playing blues, jazz, classic rock I like coated Remos on the toms - gives a slight ‘chuff’ to the tone.

But on my modern kit, used mostly for recent cover band songs, I have clear Evans G2’s over G1’s, which gives a clearer ‘singing’ tone.


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Renown is a warm sounding drum, if you play "modern music", I would go clear G14 or clear G2. I you prefer thuddy sound, you can go EC2. I you prefer a softer attack, you can get coated of course.
I mentioned only Evans but you can get equivalent from Aquarian or Remo.

carl oegema

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I don’t really have a genre of music that I play I just like any kind of “fooling around”. Also I got the drums used so the skins
Are a mixture of remo and Evans and they are clear. I might be looking at the coated skins.
I would say it doesn't make a huge difference for s.o. who's just fooling around if you put coated or clear on top. I personally love how a drum set looks with brand new white heads on it ;)

Are you able to tune a drum set properly? If not, learn how to do first. A thicker head like Pin Stipe or EC2 will probably sound "better" even if the head is tensioned totally uneven i.e. you won't hear too many annoying overtones, though it sounds like playing on top of a pizza box. But to use the ful potential of any drum head, it helps to know the magic how it is done.

My recommendation would be an Emperor or G2 . They are durable and yet sounding open enough for most styles. Plus, there is always a way to apply extra dampening. To get tone and dynamics out of very thick heads like Evans Hydraulic can be pain in the a** especially in a band situation.
So you think Evans g2 are the best
Probably not "the" best, but the best compromize between different worlds.
"The best head" is nothing general, but specific to the drums you are playing. I own several kits, and each require different heads to sound best to my taste. But with Emperors or G2 you won't go wrong I guess.

To change resos as well depends on your budget. I keep the resos fairly long in order to save money, if the set is equipped with quality heads. Clear Ambassadors are my standard choice.


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Clear heads will offer more attack and a brighter overall tone. Coated heads will have less stick attack and a warmer tone. Shane from DCP has said on more than one video that he feels a coated head can be tuned a bit lower due to the added mass of the coating. Not sure how true that is, but both are great. I change it up every so often but currently have coated G2s on my Starclassic B/B.

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... a coated head can be tuned a bit lower due to the added mass of the coating. Not sure how true that is...
I believe it. I recently changed heads on my Renown set. It's an older set and had very thin resonant heads. I used new G1's and they can tune lower than the thinner heads.