Drum size thoughts


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I'm a fan of these bigger sizes. My 14 rack, 16 & 18 floors with a 22x20 kick gives me all the boom and thunder I want, as well as quiet tonality by using different beaters & "rod" sticks.

I feel it's always how the player plays the kit over having different kits for different needs that matters. I have one that will do it all and I can always make a bigger kit sound smaller than trying to get bigger sound from smaller sizes.


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Thank you all for the replies. As I expected opinions are very diverse and interesting. I'm still going to go with the sizes I selected. I've never had an issue with 1" separation between my toms (and I've been playing for 30 years). I've also done the 10 & 12 thing and it worked fine, but I prefer larger toms. Like someone mentioned, with the new shell construction things can get even lower...and that includes the 12 and 13!! So I can get a thunderous sound from them. I used to have a 24 with a 14x11 mounted on top and it wasn't too bad, maybe I setup my toms funny, but it worked for me. As for floor toms, I have a 16x14 that sounds pretty big. I also have a 16x16 that sounds awesome...

Again, thank you all for the thoughts.
I concur in that 1" increase in diameter and depth is plenty enough size difference. This from a guy who didn't think a 1" difference was enough. Until I actually got a 12 and 13. Heck, I think it was Rogers who used to use 2 - 12" rack toms. I find that a 10" doesn't have the sustain I like unmiced. 12 and 13 for me up top. Mainly because I'm unmiced. I do love the 10" tom tone still.