drum size question...


I just purchased a few brand new Keller shells from someone. I bought a 26" kick, 13 rack and 18 floor tom.

I am wanting to get a 15 or 16 and have this kit as a one up, two down configuration but if I just keep the 13 rack and 18 floor tom, do you think the two will be too far apart tonally? FWIW, the shell depth has not yet been determined as these are raw shells and have not yet been cut.


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I usually run a 14x10 or 14x12 or even a 15x12-13 with a 26 and a 18x16 floor tom as a 4 piece. However if the 13 is a 13x10 or 13x9 I think it would sound fine tuned low. I've seen quite a few bonham-esq 26er kits with the toms at 13x10, 16x16, and 18x16.


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Sounds like you and I have similar taste in kits. I have a Keller kit that's also a one up / two down: 24x14, 13x9, 15x14, 18x16.

I've run it as a four piece with the 13 and 18, but I really like two floors so the 15 is almost always there. I picked the 15 floor a few kits ago after one kit (an '80s Tama Superstar) had 16 and 18 floors, and I thought that they were a little too close together sonically. I just couldn't get enough separation between them for how I like to tune.

If you decide to just stay with the 13 and 18 I wouldn't worry about there being too much separation. It's really hard to have too much separation when you're only dealing with two toms. I even used a 12 / 18 on this kit and it was fine - more than fine, it was fun!


Thanks for the reply's. The shells I bought are raw and uncut-undrilled. The 26 kick is about 24 deep at the moment and my plans are to cut it down but that's a whole new thread. I go back and fourth between 14, 17 and 18. I've been trying to read others opinions in the archives and it seems most with a 26 seem to prefer the shallower depths. I can't quite get used to the look but if the sound is better, looks will mean little to me. The 13 rack tom is also uncut, my plans were for a 13x9. The 18 FT is already cut at 16".

I wasn't planning on building this kit as I bought a new Sonor a little over a year ago. This deal just poped up and I jumped. Paid $120.00 for all three shells and two wood hoops for the kick. I hadn't given much thought to a Bonham copy, maybe that's the route to go??? I'm thinking I should buy a matching 15 or 16 shell just to have. This will be my first build but a buddy of mine is the guy behind the "Guerrilla Drum Making DVD" and he has offered to coach me thru it, even the bearing edges. I appreciate the help guys, thanks a bunch! Feel free to guide me more!