Drum shields for virus protection?


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Just wondering if anyone is considering buying or using a drum shield to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Certainly seems like it would prevent direct contact with people, and perhaps some prevention of virus particles in the air. Any thoughts? Anyone out there use one now, and if so, are they too heavy to be considered portable for gigs???


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They aren't as heavy as they are bulky and a pain in the ass to transport. Then you'd have to disinfect them which is even more of a pain since most people outside the medical field aren't adept at proper disinfection technique.


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I don't know what made me think I had to read this thread, but I did. Kinda reminds me of the guy who made a 6' doughnut to go out in public.



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I didn’t think we would have gotten to this point for at least another week....

Reminds of a line used in quite a few movies over the years...

“Maybe the dead are the lucky ones?”