Drum set finish - yea or nay?


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Ha! I saw them live back in '86. Very fun show.
(And I will pass on the Sonor color from OP.)

Stryper live, I loved the sideways kit set up, but thinking...
There was a reason Sweet and the drums played perpendicular to the crowd rather than facing out.
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I don't know why, the very the first thing I thought of was the Pussy Wagon. ;)

It's not necessarely a ugly truck, you only need the right personnality for it.



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If the whole kit in Tony Williams yellow with black dots and median beech then I'm a go. It's an odd pattern-it doesn't look tribal more like paper clips. But it's a Sonor SQ2 so heck yeah I'll take it. I'll get comments for sure-people will love it or hate it. It might cause seizures of those watching it in the audience-well that might just be my playing ROFL.

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Way out finishes are cool, but you’ll need to keep a conservative finish around too if you work a lot. Brides at weddings do not like to be upstaged, and a lot of bands would like to present a united look. So I’d get the Sonor for all those way-out artsy gigs that don’t pay, but I’d keep something dark/black for the money gigs.


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Well, it's a statement...reminds me of a Peg Bundy leotard with gold grillz. I'd probably make it a studio only kit in a very very dark room.


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Very nice kit but the finish is definitely not my cup of tea.


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Ha! I saw them live back in '86. Very fun show.

I saw them either in 85 or 86...in a church basement here in town...it was them and Barren Cross, who was actually a waaayyyyy better band. They did not have all of the huge stage set up yet, or at least for that show. My cousin was/is a fundamentalist Christian, and he invited me to the show to try to get me to "switch" - which he still does to this day too - knowing that I liked metal and played drums.

and that finish is "trying way to hard..."


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It's a nope from me. That's not gonna age well and the finish will devalue the kit.

If it sounds amazing and you need a studio kit that will never see daylight blag a few quid off the price and put some brown paper bags over them.


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I don't like the gold hardware on Sonor. My gold hardware wasn't as durable as the chrome.
I also don't care for yellow in any flavor.
If I was getting tribal it would be green or Earth.


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It reminds me of puddles I used to see on the asphalt of a chemical plant I worked at briefly in my 20's.

When I look at it, I recall the odor. I think that's why it repulses me. Yea. That's why.

This is the kind of kit that would get a guy fired lol.

Still, one man's trash...