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My nephew has been saving up some cash (roughly $650-$700). He lives in Kenosha and is wanting to pick up a used drum set from a local vendor. He’s a fairly accomplished drummer but has just used his teachers set and one of my kits to practice on. He wants to know what you all would select from this store...if anything. I was curious myself about the Ludwig Birch kit...I’ve never seen a full birch kit from them before. I’m kinda leaning toward the Mapex or Gretsch Catalina myself. Thoughts? https://www.musicgoround.com/products/kenosha-wi/PEDK/drum-kits


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Good selection in Wisconsin! My local MusicGoRound has nothing but crap. :p

The 6 piece Gretsch Catalina is a good choice. They sound great for the price. Probably the safest choice of all the kits offered there.

I would avoid the Ludwig Classic Birch for the sole reason that the tom dimensions aren't great. They're outdated. Those depths are power tom sizes which haven't been popular since the 80s and 90s. That being said, $600 for the kit is still a good deal if he doesn't mind the deep rack toms.

If he acts fast, the Yamaha Stage Custom birch kit (20" kick) is on sale for $550 right now on Musician's Friend. One of my drum students ordered one and received it today. I helped him set it up, it's awesome! It's arguably better than the Catalina, and it's brand new. Free shipping. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha/Stage-Custom-Birch-5-Piece-Shell-Pack-with-20-Bass-Drum.gc
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Of the kits shown, I'd recommend he pick up the PDP FS kit - $150!

This is one of the made in China kits, but they are good kits, nonetheless. He can get a professional sound from this kit (I promise!), and it's already equipped with good-looking heads. The hardware on these kits (iso mounts, tom holder, lugs, t-rods, etc.) is very good, as well.

With this kit, he'll have a bunch of money left over to pick up some heavy-duty hardware and a few cymbals. And, in the end, he'll be able to resell the kit if he wants and get his money back. Being able to pick it up personally is the key here.