Drum Rolls


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So, i havent been drumming that long at all, not even a year, but i have to say for the amount of time i have been drumming im pretty good, but one thing i have a hard time with is doing rolls with double bass, can anyone give me some timps on how to get it down?


Take it slow at first and once you get it down slowly speed it up. And also, before you add in the double bass practise the fill without it, a fill should still be a fill even if it hasn't got double bass.
Do you play metal?
If you do listen to Slayer, lots of double bass fills in there.


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Do you own a metronome? Hook that bad boy up and play along. Its a reality check.
But congrats on your great progress, double bass already? I guess you mastered single bass in the first month of playing. Lol.

But seriously just do the rudiments you do with your hands and apply them to your feet.
That will keep you busy for a couple of years, or maybe in your case a month or two considering you are pretty good having played less than a year.
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