Drum Related Injury Stories


Just a little thread for stories of getting injured from drums, hardware, sticks, etc.

Here's mine:
I was adjusting my 10x3 inch snare that was attached to my hi hat stand. I loosen the hardware on the mount to mess with the angles and..

The drum swings down, hard, and hits me on the fingers with the metal rim. I screech like a 9 year old girl who didnt get her my little pony set at her birthday party. My mom comes rushing downstairs, peers down, and with a smirk, she slowly walks back up stares. Things like these happen so many times with her and I, I'm afraid it is going to be like the boy who cried wolf.

Please share some stories to show my mother that other drummers get injured like this all the time, and that I'm not just a complete idiot.

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Oh boy, I've got a few!

1. When I was in high school I was playing a big venue in town with my first real band. We were all pumped because the week before Godsmack had just played there (1st album tour before they were huge), and Sevendust was the week after.
My snare kept creeping close to me, and as I was trying to not hit the mic that was clipped to it I ended up hitting my finger on the rim twice in a row on a fill. Broken instantly!
The funny thing is there was a lighting rack behind the drum riser that had sound activated lights on it. They were plugged into a mic on the bottom of my snare, so they would move around anytime I hit the drum.
Well these lights were HOT, and I had wash out blue and red hair dye in.
When we finished the set I ran off stage into the mens room to stick my recently broken finger under cold water. My guitarist ran after me to see if I was okay and was like "DUDE, HOLY SHIT!" He saw the hair dye melted out of my hair by the lights and running down my back and though I was bleeding from the head, hahahahaha.

2. I have a number of ear piercings. In my left ear I have an industrial (google if you don't know what that is). I swung a little too high at a rehearsal once caught it with a stick. Nearly ripped it out of my hear and ended up bleeding all over.
Finished the song with one hand cupping the blood around my hear, the other playing the song. The band knew something was up but didn't find out until after. And of course they though I played better with one hand...

3. Couple year ago I was load my gear up for a gig and ended up lifting my 100 lb hardware case incorrectly and threw my lower back out. I collapsed on the sidewalk outside of my studio in pain. Still played the gig, but I ended up living on my couch for 3 days after and had to get an exercise ball to start recuperating. I felt more like an old man over that one than anything else.


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I have a few and will try to spread them out. This one may be more relatable here, and can serve as a warning.

Summer drumming gets sweaty, so I had the brilliant idea of adding a fan to my set-up. It was one of those fans with a clip, and I clipped it to my hi-hat stand.

This works okay for a while, although it was only a matter of time, because I had not done the math:

Flying stick shards + breeze in face = Imminent DISASTER

This hefty splinter breaks away from my hi-hat stick, catches the friendly breezes, takes flight, picks up speed, and lodges itself between my eyeball and eye socket. It's bad.

I run to the bathroom, and my eye is on fire. Nose runny, mucous membranes trying to rescue me from my inability to do the math. I can kinda grab it and pull, but it hurts because the spines are pointing outward. I have to push it back in a little, twist, and pull out.

There were two moments where I thought that I might pass out from the pain, and at least one time where I considered giving up and calling 911. The only thing missing was Jigsaw asking me if I'd "like to play a game."

I did eventually get the splinter out of my eye, and I will spare you the super-gory details. And after that day, the fan goes under the ride or off to the RIGHT side.


Well, good to know I'm not the only one. I knew I probably wouldn't be, considering all of you guys have gigged around for years.
Give me some more gruesome stories!


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Nothing too gruesome yet, but have several times sliced my knuckles to the bone on cymbals, or bent back and broke fingernails. Thus resulting in my drums becoming covered in blood.

All during intense sets in metal bands.


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Years ago I fell on top of my Catalina 16" tom covered to a kick and snapped one of the spurs while trying to make it down the four steps from my laundry room to the garage. I was carrying it marching style and misjudged the new stairs. I walked away with a bruised ego and even more bruised ribs.


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Had my 18" crash mounted to the left of my small tom pop loose from its stand and slide down the tom, and snare and into my lap. Bruised my knuckles....s


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The ridiculous:

I was trolling around with new sticks when the tuner jamp away from the snare and hit just below my eye. Close call.... Very close call.....

The painful:
Was playing... At a moment I hit my index finger with the snare rim... ended up bleeding, ban that was really painful.


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As I'm in the Rockabilly scene, I play standing up ala Slim Jim Phantom and before I got the hang of how to play a whole show that way, I had really bad hip and lower back pain.
Then we played a festival with a band called the Rhythm Dragons and their drummer Bob Stubbs (formally of Social Distortion) taught me how to relax and keep moving. Made a world of difference for the rest of my playing.

Blisters and the occasional hitting of myself in the face with sticks round out the list.