Drum re-wrap--what would you do??


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Hey all,

Been doing some thinking. I have 3 kit colors. Black Glass Glitter, Red Sparkle, Solid Sable Black.

The Solid Black, and BGG have long lugs, the Red Sparkle has Classic Lugs.

Here's the thing.... after 20 years, I've been slowly creeping away from my 20" depth bass drums. I still love the sound, feel, look, but, not liking lugging it around has slowly been creeping up on me in the last year.

My RS only has a 20" depth bass drum. The BGG color has BD options of 20" or 16" depths. Both of these kits sound great and look cool on stage, but the RS is really cool.

My Black kit has an 18" depth that I like a lot. Lighter to carry, a super tone & feel... just a great drum--but that kit just blends into the stage way too much.

Re-covering this Black (long lug) bass drum in BGG would be my cheapest route, but doing that would leave me with several Solid Black drums with no bass drum, so that's out.

I could get a new 16 or 18" depth Red Sparkle Large Classic lug bass drum, but, I'd have ANOTHER bass drum (#5), because the 20" depth would sit most of the time (but I don't want to cut it down).
OR, for probably (+/-) the same amount, I could have my Solid Black kit re-done in Red Sparkle*.

What I would then have is, a Red Sparkle Classic lug kit (with the longer BD option), a BGG long lug kit (longer and shorter BD's already), and a Red Sparkle long lug kit with a shorter bass drum I already dig.

Re-doing the Solid Black in RS is probably my answer, but I'd like some opinions from people.

What would you guy's and ladies do in this situation??? Leave it be, or go RS?

Thanks in advance!!

* After thinking about this, and envisioning different color options for a while, RS would be the color I'd do IF I go ahead, but I haven't decided on actually doing it yet.
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Karl, I like the sparkle wraps. I have a black kit that i un-wrapped and re-finished in stain because the black just seems old and boring these days. I like the shallower bass drum depths as well. I have a 14x24 and it blows away my 18x22 bass. Your red kit looks nice, do you really want more red drums though?


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Was I confusing?

My 2 options are, since the lugs don't match:
A: Buy a new, shorter length RS split lug bass drum

B: For probably about the same price, recover the whole Black long lug kit in RS.

Edit.....Posted before TOH did.
Yeah, I thought and though about it, and I DO really dig the RS. I had Silver Sparkle before and hated it after about 6 months.
I still really dig the long lugs after all these years....and Cozy Powell's RS Mach Ludwigs always looked awesome to me too haha!

The Old Hyde

Go for the red, i dont hate my silver sparkle yet but i want to do a kit in green sparkle, mostly because my wife and someone at work said they would hate it haha