Drum re-wrap project...a little different


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Beautiful! I rewrapped my set 2 months ago with brown vinyl (it was on sale)...almost went
with the sparkel and now seeing yours...well, might have to do it again sometime!


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I LOVE the idea of finishing the inside

I'll lose my born on dates and SN's on my DW's.... but whatev.

A cool semi-clear finish with just a hint of color. I play with clear heads... it'd be so great to look at.

Nicely done


Beam Me Up Scotty

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You know, I don't like wraps, let alone sparkled wraps... But this just looks fantastic! Congrats on the overhaul; the kit looks really sharp. I think he staining of the inside of the shells is really quite gorgeous!



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Wow, these turned out really nice... Great job! I'm tempted to give it a try - but I'm not exactly handy with stuff like this.