Drum Rack or Stands?


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

Here we go......

It all depends on the size of the kit, how the drummer sets-up, whether they move it around alot, etc....

If you use a search Im pretty sure there are already threads on the subject.


Re: Drum Rack or Stands

Here we go......

It all depends on the size of the kit, how the drummer sets-up, whether they move it around alot, etc....

If you use a search Im pretty sure there are already threads on the subject.
Agreed. If you have a small 4 piece kit, stands may be alittle more efficient vs. the time it takes to set up the rack, although I have a drummer on my site who swears by his rack because for him it's faster to setup and he has more efficient positioning.


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

I've had both with a 6 piece kit. I prefer stands. They are not as bulky and (personally) moveable/adjustable as I would have liked. It could have just been my rack though.


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

Definitely do a search on this one. I use both. When I use my full set (6 piece), I use the rack. When I go 4 piece I use stands. Everything is interchangeable.


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

Well the thing is, i am looking to start a project consisting of:


24" Bass Drum
24" Bass Drum
10" Tom
12" Tom
14" Tom
14" Floor Tom
16" Floor Tom
18" Floor Tom
14" Snare
10" Snare
6"+8" Timbales


8" Splash
10" Splash
12" Splash
14" Crash
16" Crash
18" Crash
20" Crash
22" Ride
16" China
18" China
14" Hats
14" X-Hats
18" Crash/Ride

(its big!)

Stands or Racks?


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

If you tour a lot with roadies and all then a rack is faster and easier to set up. If this is for "general" use, I´d reccomend stands.


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

anyways, back on topic, if your are going to have a kit that large, i think a rack would be better and cheaper, to buy all the stands for the toms and cymbals it's going to cost you ALOT of money


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Re: Drum Rack or Stands

I have 2 kits. One 11 piece and one 5 piece.

I use a rack for the monster and stands for the small kit.

Would never consider stands for the monster or a rack for the small kit.



Using a rack on large kits isnt always the best answer.

Yes, its saves you having a hundred stand-bottoms all over the ground, but packing up a rack with all that gear on it will be EXTREMELY heavy, particularly if you are the only one poacking your gear. If you have to break everything down to pack it, then youre not saving yourself anymore time than having stands.

I had a rack on my kit for nearly 10 years, then when I upgraded to my Sonor I went with stands. The stands are far more 'efficient' than the rack ever was.

My $0.02


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These next couple weeks, one of our guitar players is away so we'll be doing some acoustic/unplugged sets locally...

I'm breaking my kit down to a snare, bass, and hi-hat...maybe a splash too. Will have a couple blocks, bells, chimes, shakers and stuff off to the side...but for purpose...I won't have the rack or stands...maybe the post from the bass drum to mount a splash.

So much of the "do I or don't I use a rack" depends on kit size and how well you can efficiently setup, breakdown, and move it.


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Agree whit everbody

I play a 5 pieces kit with:
-2 crashes
-1 splash
-1 ride
-1 china

i'll never go for the rack with this quit, but for your huge dream kit you MUST go for the rack :p


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With a 12 piece kit and 13 cymbals...rack it baby!
Revisiting the rack idea (for the 5th time)...

I only have 5 drums (on my road kit), but I always end up with 10+ cymbals (somehow, 3/4 crashes, 2 chinas, ride, hi-hat, and at least 2/3 splashes + plus effects bell/trash/etc...). My band doesn't mind helping me move the kit, but they have no idea how to set it up. I feel with the rack, it takes the guess work out of most of it.

Thoughts? It is a rather expensive venture to say "oops" if it doesn't work out.


Do what ever the hell you want and if any douche bag gives you the heat about having a rack tell them to gtfo. So sick of the endless "it's not cool to do this or use this and if you're not on the bandwagon you're an outsider" crap!

I personally have a rack for my 7 pc PDP X7 maple kit but to be honest I'm only using it as a 5 pc currently (10, 12, 16 TOMS, 22BD and 14SD) and have my two racks on the chrome PDP rack. For one I needed a rack to save space as my room is only 8ft wide by 24ft long. Second I absolutely love the look of this all chrome PDP rack with the side extension. The white X7, with all those chrome lugs and my 3 chrome L-Rods that hold my toms is an awesome sight to behold when running 3 up! Hell I'll run 1 up and 1 or 2 down with a rack and I DGAF what anyone thinks or says.

Using the rack allows me to place my rack toms (1, 2 or all 3) where EVER I want to. Using the BD mount or cymbal stands tends to limit your range of placement. I fought myself over trying stands and possibly trading this rack in to use toward some Tama Roadpro boom stands but ended up sticking with it and I'm glad I did. I actually trimmed the two main poles that hold my cymbals to give it a lower sleeker look and it's awesome. I have my ride to the right of me mounted on one pole, the 16" crash on the left pole and then my 18" crash on a mini boom cymbal holder on my side extension.

Seriously use what ever you dig and don't worry about it. Try a set of very cheap stands first to see if you like it, if not I say go with the PDP rack instead as it looks incredible and the rack clamps hold forever with no slip.


lol Grunter! I knew it was but I replied to the fella above and to the thread in general. ;)


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lol Grunter! I knew it was but I replied to the fella above and to the thread in general. ;)
And I thank you for it.

No need to create a new thread, cluttered by 15 people who will then say,"Search is your friend, blah, blah..." I searched. I'm still looking for reasons to get a rack.

I found one, thanks to you:

On my home kit, I have 4 hi-toms, and they straddle my snare, so I have no problem doing certain types of tom work with the left hand having wide open access to the left toms.

With my road kit, I only have 2 hi-toms, and they are on the bass drum mount. I have a spare dual stand that could move them off, but I want an in-between solution, and I think I just found it.

I already had multiple other reasons:
Smaller footprint
Less moving (with two person lift)
Easier for non-drummers to actually help (and not just put stands where they think they go)
Everything is already setup (at height, placement, etc...)

So the ability to move the hi-toms exactly where I want them might be the reason I do this.