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Pretty cool, I subscribed.
That Vector pedal looks kinda neat.

Waiting for the Swing Nut to be available as it's own item. Looks like a beefier (longer lasting) version of the old Zildjian Cymbal toppers.

Going back to read more reviews.........


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Looks nice, probably works fine, but the price?

MAYBE at 20 bucks I could consider it, but at what they have it priced? No way.

I don't care how nice the screen printed logo looks on it (just joking with that haha!)

They have to pay to produce them, but come on, a $40 list price?

There a million free things you can put on a snare to do the same thing....but, maybe I'm past the "looking pretty" thing, and just use what's gonna do the job because who see's it and who cares anyway?....

Good luck to them though!


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OK, Scorpion never responded to winning the book so I'm going to draw a new name!

I will announce the winner tomorrow!