Drum Overhead Video

Vintage Old School

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Great demo Chris! I'm a huge fan of the Stager ribbon mics. Interesting how different the Stagers sounded from the Neumann and Austrian Audio mic's back-to-back.

Chris Whitten

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Probably picking up too much of my ceiling to be fair. Also, ribbons want to be EQ'ed, which I tried not to do so as to present the sound of the actual mic.


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what is the snare looks like a 6 lug RB

ah knew It looked unusual..
"The snare is a vintage Dandy/Drouyn from Brisbane Australia -"
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Very cool! I know only slightly more than nothing about mics, but I liked the sound of the Austrian mics best when the overheads were soloed. That's my high-end analysis. 😊

Quick question - what is the song you're playing along with? My Mrs popped her head in the room while I was listening and asked. She liked it! I did, too, but I was focused on the drums.