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This might seem sort of a dumb question to ask on a drumming board...but here goes. I am looking for some CD's of artists that just drum...maybe a member of a band who went solo and did some albums with that member just drumming. Its not a big deal if it has some other instruments along with the drumming, but really looking for the drums to be standing out the entire album. Genre isnt to big of a stickler...though rock is preferred. I am having trouble getting recommendations on other music sites, so I figured this is prob the best place of any to get some recommendations.

To give an example, I really enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin's version of Moby Dick on their live disc How the West Was Won. If you've heard that, kind of what i'm looking for...

Any feedback is appreciated.


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I'm working on a little drum oriented piece. I'll post it, tell me if you like it.
NOTE: it's only a base, the soloing is yet to be composed, feel free to play it to your style.


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If you want a great jazz cd with some "just drum" tracks, check out Max Roach's "Drums Unlimited". You can scope out youtube and see a couple of videos for the tunes on the album...


...and I can't seem to find the videos for "drums unlimited" or "the drum also waltzes", but I've seen them on there before.
Billy Martin has some great percussion solo/duet albums out. I have "Solo Live Tonic 2002" and "Live at Houston Hall" (the latter was also with Grant Calvin Weston). I love the Bozzio stuff, don't get me wrong... but I think Billy's solo playing is much more interesting and musical. One might say beautiful, in a greasy groovy kinda way.


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For some drum oriented music in a very not rock fashion, try Kodo. They're a Japanese taiko drumming group, and they have some releases in the US. It's interesting and cool stuff, although not drumset playing if that's exclusively what you were looking for.