Drum notation

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Open hats would often be written this way, but generally as an x instead of a dot.

Looking at the context it probably just means a slushy open rock sound.


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In that case it obviously means a cymbal or some other ride voice. Otherwise it means whatever the key for that particular page says it means. I use it only when I want to include an optional note in a page of exercises-- I'm not aware of anyone else doing that.

Do check out PAS and Berklee publications, they've made some efforts at standardizing drum notation.


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Odd..never seen that one before. The solid note on that line can represent a high tom.. and the circle around the note is sometimes used to show a bell of a ride cymbal - but with an 'x' inside.
I've seen the circle around an 'x' to indicate an open hihat.. but also as a small 'o' above the note stem.
I've also seen the circle around a solid note to indicate cross-stick.
So.. it's a pretty mixed up message.. maybe the composition software the author used is at fault.
But if I had to guess.. judging by the position on the staff and general pattern.. it's either the bell of a ride or an open high hat - or the bell of a high tom - whatever that is! Lol
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