Drum Mics


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From my fly-by research, preamps that cost $100 or less per channel are on a non-discrete, solid state circuit. $100–$200 the preamps are discrete solid state circuits (they don’t share circuitry with other preamps or electronic functions). Pro level preamps start at ~$500 per channel.


No, but I will make some educated guesses....

1: There is probably lackluster driver support, as there has historically been with Tascam products.
2: The preamps are probably fine (consumer grade) until you plug a 7b into it only to find that you could use another 6db of headroom for vocals. You'll either need an outboard pre for that or have the vocalist eat the mic.
Agreed on the driver support. I have a UH-7000 which I don't even use as an interface anymore. Luckily, it works fine as a standalone 2ch preamp or d/a converter via the digital outs.

As far as the order of importance of recording equipment, I think the closer you get to the source, the more important the gear is. For example, the instrument and room would be the most important elements to me. Then, the mic followed by the cables, preamp and a/d converter. If I had limited cash to spend on a recording chain, that's the order in which I'd spend my money: Mic > Preamp.

Fortunately, many inexpensive interfaces have at least decent converters nowadays. And, building pro quality cables is pretty cheap if you can use a soldering iron. Save money where you can. (y)