Drum mics and pa?


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Hey gang was curious if you could help me out, I'm looking to get a mic and pa set up for my place, nothing super big or expensive, just a good set of mics and pa etc.
Any thoughts of what I maybe able to get and spend etc...


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I bought a pair of Behringer C-3 condenser mikes for a two mike set up on my jam kit.

I am using these mikes for a little sound reenforcement rather than for recording, and for that they work fine. I mount one in front of my bass drum, with the second as an overhead.

I chose these mikes because they were cheap, and I thought that they had enough features that I could make them work for what I need them for. So far I have not been disappointed with their performance.

Good luck with your search.



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What is your budget? You have plenty of options for the PA depending on how much you want to spend.

Generally speaking at the lower/portable end of the market - especially 'all in one' systems, I'll recommend Yamaha gear. It's rarely the easiest to use but is very well built, reliable and decently-featured. The Stagepass 500 is a decent little system - although with a 10" cone it might struggle with the low-end a little. Alternatively you could put a system together with Mackie components - their desks and PA gear is generally very reasonably priced and reliable. A Mackie ProFX12 is a decent little desk (six XLR inputs) or the 1402 VLZ3. If you want more inputs, you can go in the same range but spend a little more - if it's purely for drums then I can't see too much of an issue - if you want to be doing gigs with other band members you're going to want at least twelve XLR channels, probably sixteen. In which case I would look at the Mackie 1642 VL3 or an Allen and Heath ZED-24 (which is a very nice desk indeed).

Speaker-wise, I've always had good luck with Mackie systems (again) and their SRM series are quite solid - although not the highest-end. Make sure to get the 'Active' models otherwise you have to buy a separate amp and at this end of the market, it's not worth it.

Mic-wise, again, it depends what you want to do. I swear by Karma Audio 'Bullet' Condensers when recording:


Which are just fantastic overheads but are omnidirectional, so not always ideal for live use. They're incredibly cheap and very, very good but I would probably advise you go for something cardioid for your overheads like the Rode NT5:


Which I've had good luck with in live and studio environments.

Snare mic? Shure SM57 or Audix i5. Anything simple and dynamic will do you well.

Bass drum mic really comes down to three options. Audix D6 (pre-EQ), AKG D112 (standard) and Shure Beta 52. All of which offer slightly different sounds but are fundamentally solid choices.

I hope this is of some use. The options I've outlined aren't cheap but are the basis of a very decent basic PA.


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The audio technica kit packs are really good value, I bought a set to get me thru till I got enough money to get a really good set, well that was 10 years ago and they sound good enough that I never felt the need to upgrade.