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double bass man

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Your expertise welcome. I am about to obtain my first drum mat or carpet. The right carpet just as good as a proper drum mat?
Regarding carpet:
Have you tried a non-slip carpet that can help cut down the drum volume? (thinking of the neighbours!)
If so what sort of a pile?
Is rubber backing best for non slip?
What do you think the thickness should be?

Any other options?

Many thanks in advance.


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I've used area carpets (4'x6') from Home Depot, etc. They don't have non-slip backing, but slipping was never an issue. After several years the backing began to crumble away (they're designed to lay on a floor, not be rolled/unrolled/rolled/packed/repeat). For small gigs I use the Crash Pad. For gigs where I can bring a full kit I use a Tama drum rug.

The Crash pad is small and convenient. The Tama rug is larger, with a nice flexible rubber backing and it lays very flat.

None of these carpets will attenuate sound, though.


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I just use a Target/Wal-Mart area rug (3.5" x 5") with a rubber. non-slip backing. What I like about it is that you can fold it rather than roll it, so it takes up much less space. Very durable and it's low pile so it's easy to mark on with a Sharpie (stand positions etc.).

The ones without the rubber backing cannot be folded, they can slip and the backs are abrasive, which can scratch other equipment and the floor, so I avoid them.


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My first rug was free scrap from a carpet store. They let me raid their dumpster.

I replaced it with a piece of Berber carpet from a floor remodel. That carpet was awesome. Super thick and heavy. It didn't move, my gear didn't move. I marked my footprint with a sharpie on both rugs.

Now my kit is on the carpet in my room. When I redo the floor with hardwood, I will be getting a new piece of carpet for my kit. It might be a bit more expensive, but I find that actual carpet is the most durable and stable option.

I've tried thin throw rugs and wasn't a fan. Spur spikes make holes, they can tear easily, floor toms still wander. Give me a real carpet any day. One with a woven pile and heavy backing. Plus you can vacuum them to keep the rug clean.