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I need to find some sort of hard rubber floor, 8' square, to lay down under my drums. I have a carpetted floor in my drum room, and need to leave that in place. Ideally I wuold like a durable, hard rubber floor to put over the carpet to place my drum kit on. I do have the spikes in the kick drum legs, so the rubber will need to tolerate those. Any ideas or suggestions?


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What's your budget?
Does it Have to be 8' square?
Does it have to be rubber?

There are lots of drum mats out there.
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I found a very very thick rug at a thrift store. It is 6ft X 6ft.
It is laying over my carpet and it works great.

Try using two rugs, one on top of the other, on top of the carpet.



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This was a good reminder for me because I need a mat.

I'm working up a project that is getting close to playing out. On the last gig of my last band, I - actually threw the rug in a dumpster. It had too many miles of spilled beer, other odors, and stains, and I spontaneously decided the dumpster nearby was a better recipient than my car.

So, now you have me looking for one.


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Carpet on carpet will never move.. all I ever use (if I have to) is the mat in the back of my Volvo station wagon.. it's a tough rubber on one side and a tough carpet like material on the other.. works great in a pinch!


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Your local home repair store should have rubber mats that are thick and heavy like a gym mat or a horse stall. Four of those shoul do.