Drum magazines - Digital Subscriptions?


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Yesterday I tried to subscribe to Modern Drummer on my ipad. Used to get it in print in the past and there were a few articles in the current edition I wanted to read. Figured what the heck! for $25 I could get a whole year's subscription rather than paying $5 for one.

Low and behold the app crashes every time I get about halfway through. Yes I have the correct version of IOS. I tried rebooting the ipad, deleting the app, re-downloading the current edition. Nothing worked. Now I'm pissed I wasted $25 and I complained to iTunes hoping to get my money back (wishful thinking).

So I searched these forums and saw a lot of people recommending drumhead magazine. The digital version is significantly cheaper than print ($25 for 2 years vs $40 for 2 years). But I'm afraid to the same thing happening. Does anyone get the digital version of this (or any other drum magazine) and have these issues? Is it the SAME exact content?


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Because of the internet, I subscribe to no magazines.

I'd get in touch with MD themselves regarding your current issue with the iPad app.


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It is the exact same content. It is obviously cheaper than printing and sending overseas. The MD app does not crash on me. Wait for an app update, the problem will go away.


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I have both Drum and Drumhead Magazine in print and digital. I would contact Modern Drummer and see why the digital won't work. I use mine on my Mac and not iOS. If Drum supports Flash, it won't work.

There was an update Oct 5th to the app


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I must also recommend the Drumhead magazine. For a few years it was sooo much better than MD, with long well-written and really interesting interviews. It seems MD also understood this, because the last numbers I read were actually OK.

But - I really prefer paper. Call me an old fart...


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I've subscribed to Rhythm, MD, Drum! and iDrum and all work fine. I have had the MD app crash in the past and the secret was to delete the app, restart the iPad, re-download the app and what contents you have. Sounds like you have tried that, but check to see what free space is on your iPad. If it is full (or close to) these apps get a bit fussy.
Never heard of drumhead. I'll check it out. Cheers