Drum Log


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Hey, I recently found this website: http://www.drumlog.com/ and thought that I should share it. It's called Drum Log and you can log in your practice sections. For example if you are doing Independence, you go to Session->Technical Drumming->Building Independence. Log lets you add sessions (e.g. you choose the topic and length of your session) and Session allows you to time your session after you have chosen the topic. When you are finished you click done and it just adds it to your Drum Log. On the dashboard it shows you the 2 main sub topics separated into the main topics (Building Your Library, Musical Drumming and Technical Drumming) of that you have spent the most time on.
I just thought I should share this with you and by the way this is not my website.

Hey, this is really nice, I'll definately be checking it out. Been looking for something like this for some time now. Thank you for the link.