Drum Lesson with Fran Merante


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As you may have seen, Fran recently posted a thread about starting giving online lessons, and he requested a test subject; here's my impression:

First off, he is going to offer two different types of lessons, individual lessons, and group "mini" clinics about different subjects for a group of people, at different prices, but both very reasonable.
Alright, so he asked me to tell him what I wanted our lesson to be about, and I e-mailed him a couple of videos from Peter Erskine, as well as some videos and audio files of my own playing. Essentially, I wanted some opinions on what should be reinforced in my playing (as I'd expect a teacher to tell me), and also to explore these kind of groove and feel based fills Peter usually does in a jazz context.
To start with, he was very punctual, which is always important, and he not only explained everything with detail, but tried to keep it going smooth, as not to make me waste the lesson time. I learned quite a few things, and I think I was given the elements to develop what I came to the lesson for, as well as some more. After the lesson was over (and sometimes, during it), I cleared all my doubts. For those of you who want to work out on specific things, or even take regular lessons with a seasoned professional, *and* without moving from your house, this seems like a valid option, since, as I said, Fran also appears to take the time to check whatever you send to his e-mail out, and he can tell you how you are progressing. The price for a private, 1 hour lesson is almost one-third of what a lesson with him in person costs, and felt almost the same. And I am sure he can handle many styles, and pretty much all skill levels.
Now, where's my free cymbals, Fran :p? Hah hah hah.

Cheers, Fox.