Drum Kit identifier


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I recently purchased a Premier drum kit at an auction. I got a full set almost, minus a clutch or two, sleeves, felt and sticks. It has a couple of age related marks and looks to have been stored in a shed, garage or somewhere moist as there are some rust spots on the stand legs and a couple of the screws on the inside of the drums look to have some rusting. Apart from that I am happy with it, the actual drums are in good condition. I have attached pictures they are just the standard bass drum, mid tom, high tom, snare and low tom. The kit came with a stand for the low tom, a high hat without a clutch, two cymbal stands a 20 inch cymbal and a cracked 16 inch cymbal.

I am looking for any advise anyone can offer me with regards to identifying the model of this set? If the below pics are not viewable I have created a google drive link also. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/17643DjcqJuxTfPTdZz1-90syZhE1PBKt?usp=sharing

IMAG1983.jpgIMAG1987.jpg Any help willIMAG1983.jpgIMAG1987.jpgIMAG1983.jpgIMAG1987.jpg be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Edd.