Drum Kit Coordination Patterns : Jazz and Blues

Jonathan Curtis

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Hi folks,

Following on from the previous release, this one continues the Drum Kit Coordination Patterns series with Jazz and Blues. These patterns are based on the jazz, blues, shuffle, 6/8, and 12/8 styles, and cover bass drum, snare drum, and hi-hat permutation against common cymbal ostinatos and sticking patterns.

Read more about it and download a free sample here. It is available digitally, as well as in a spiral bound paperback edition, and is a perfect teaching companion, as well as study guide.


This book features:
  • Extensive sets featuring fundamental swing patterns
  • Jazz patterns featuring three-voice comping
  • Shuffle patterns in swing and blues styles
  • Groove patterns in 6/8 and 12/8, including extensive combinations
  • Clearly laid out sets presenting each and every permutation
  • Suggestions and concepts for practice and application
  • Unique patterns for use in jazz, blues, and shuffle drumming
  • Combination material and concepts for the creation of unlimited new patterns

Jazz and Blues

This collection of material provides the student with a clearly laid out and structured reference for hundreds of timekeeping patterns in the funk, rock, and fusion styles. Each pattern is written out, with each permutation and combination clearly presented in well-defined sets.

This reference guide allows the student to see exactly where each voice is placed within the pattern so that they can be practised without the need for visualisation or abstraction. Hundreds of patterns and combinations are instantly accessible for near infinite possibilities.

This collection is further designed for teachers to use alongside their existing teaching material. Coordination sets featuring common functional patterns allow for the student to immediately see what is being asked of them, and to progress in a systematic and logical manner.

Thanks, as always, for the continued support and encouragement here.

I hope those of you who buy the book enjoy it for years to come.