Drum Key Display

All drum keys will migrate to a distant corner of a drum case so that they can’t be found when needed.
It’s in their nature to be everywhere when not required and disappear as soon as a tune up is on the cards.
Like a golf ball display case. Cool.

Now go collect some cool vintage keys. Do you have any old Premier or Sonor for their funky rods?
And that's the first 20-lug 16x20 I've seen. 🥷
You win this thread. Absolutely excellent response!

Very cool. I've been thinking about doing something like this. Now all my keys are just in a small fabric bin that is meant to fit inside a dresser drawer. I have probably 50 or so, pretty much all the ones you have and more. And I still don't have one when I need one! Those Centet keys look really cool.

I really like the Magnetic PDP keys too! Hats off to PDP for doing two things:

1. Putting the magnet on the top of the key, so you can stick it to your hi hat stand, floor tom leg, whatever without it rattling around. On other magnetic keys (the Evans and Remo are the only others I can think of) have to go on a tension rod. The PDP's can go anywhere. I keep a couple on the fridge!

2. PDP figured out that a magnetic key doesn't have to weigh 30 pounds and be 25 feet wide on top (like the Remo and Evans keys)!