Drum Hoops


Is there anywhere to buy custom hoops (or rims) because im looking to buy some green ones along with green hardware. but i haven't found any websites that sell any.


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I don't know if there is a similar company near to where you are, but here in the UK there's a company called Pimp Co. who do powder coating on literally any piece of hardware you want in pretty much any colour.

Try searching for small custom drum companies in or around your state and then eventually you might come across a shop or deal of some sort that powder coats or sells powder coated hardware. Some custom companies here offer that service and often just sell coloured hardware on it's own for those who are building kits or want a change of colour.


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You don't need to look for a drum company that powder coats--just a shop that does powder coating in your area. Think custom bikes/cars. Likely to be cheaper than a drum company.